Pet Supplements Dosage Calculator

We have created this handy guide to serve a starting point for those that may not be familiar with the purity and potency of Kos Tonics.

Our goal is to quickly define all variables (such as life stages, health condition, etc) in regards to dosage for use with our products only. However, unfortunately, not all products on the market place are of equal quality. Hence, this calculator will not be correct for other products. In addition, on average, smaller pets can mature faster and live longer than larger pets (which can effect the scale). Often, bigger dogs mature later and generally can have shorter stage duration. Every dog and cat develops, as well as goes through the various stages at their own pace.

The information and calculation formulas are gathered from various prominent medical publications on the subject, however:

• Individual results may vary.
• Always check with your Vet prior to starting use of any pet supplement.

This informational dosage calculator is intended to demonstrate a suggested starting point and is only accurate for our products.

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