California Legislature Assembly Bill 384 allows Vets to use CBD

New Bill would allow Veterinarians to recommend CBD products


New Bill would allow Veterinarians to recommend CBD products. Out of the many cannabis bills that may come through the California Legislature is Assembly Bill 384. Included is a bill that will focus on our pets!

It seems that currently, licensed veterinarians are not able to recommend CBD products without fear of reprisal impacting their ability to practice medicine on animals.  This bill would allow them to do just that, legally!

The bill would make things compliant with the various agencies including the Department of Consumer Affairs. California’s Veterinary Medical Board falls under the umbrella of the DCA.

“You know one of the really big challenges that we see, not just pets but also in people, is dealing with chronic pain,” explains Shu. “Chronic pain can be very difficult to manage, and it also has a pretty notorious impact on quality of life. And, you know, we see that all the time in animals, we see it in dogs and cats that are suffering from arthritis. They can have a very difficult time getting around.” Dr. Tim Shu

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