Natural Pet Food Quick Guide

Natural Pet Food Quick Guide


With so many pet food choices on the market, there are many factors involved when choosing the best natural dog food and best natural cat food for your pets.

It Starts with Freshness

The less processed the pet food is, the better the pet food is. This is an undisputed fact. Just like human food, the more food is processed, the less of the much needed nutrients remain. This is why humans take supplements, and why many pet parents wisely give supplements to their dog or cat. See our natural pet supplements.

The lack of processing is one reason salads or quality sushi is good for humans. It is the combination of raw vegetables and leafy greens in salads, and quality fish, rice, and seasonings in sushi that make these a great food option for healthy meal choices. Except that when it comes to dogs and cats, they are natural carnivores. Regardless of what some opinions may be, it is important that meat is one of the main sources of protein in a dog and cat diet.

Grains are not a complete source of protein, hence it is one reason why some pet parents search for grain-free options. Grains should not be the primary ingredient in your dog or cat’s food. Pet food diets with higher grain and carbohydrate content can often lead to weight gain, and most importantly, can lead to other potential health issues.

Vegetables and fruits are often included in a pets diet because of the many beneficial vitamins and antioxidants found in these items. With our pet food topper supplement spray, you can easily include these ingredients with pet foods on the market. This allows you to easily add the benefits of a healthy diet, and without the additional expense of purchasing these items separately.

Diet Variety and Rotation

Just like humans, dogs and cats simply can not eat the same thing day in and day out. Not only is it potentially not healthy, it is just a good idea to keep your dog or cat excited about meal time and feed them different types of food. You can simply rotate various proteins, mix them together or come up with your own blends. Note: Dogs and cats do have sensitivities to various foods, so proceed with a bit of caution.

Feeding your pet the same dry food all the time would be like you eating only French Fries from McDonald’s everyday. Yes, you can survive, but it is not the most healthy, nor would it be enjoyable over time. You can take the guess work out of factoring for the perfectly balanced meal by using our natural pet supplement. While we are on the subject of variety and proper diets, did you know the proof is in their poop? You can learn a lot about your pets diet by looking at their poop. Things Your Dog Poop Can Tell You About Your Dog’s Health.

Why add Supplements to your Pets Diet?

In addition to the many dangerous pet food recalls, pet food manufacturers like to use terms and product labels that say things such as “complete and balanced”. By regulatory standards, this simply means that the food meets the bare minimum for your dog or cats health. It is always a good idea to question pet food ingredients, manufacturing practices, and regulatory standards, as well as assume you will need to add a natural pet supplement to get the needed vitamins and more for your dogs and cats.

Did you know that by the time processed pet food is packaged, the omega 3’s are basically chemically inactive?

Dog and Cat Food Types

Raw food for dogs and for cats is a great choice. But, you have to be really careful when sifting through the choices available at your local pet food store. For example, we get food for all of our dogs and the local farmers market. We buy it frozen and keep it in our freezer. We have a set amount in the refrigerator that is thawing prior to feeding. The raw food that we get is made of freshly ground meat, bones, organs, and more internal components. A reminder in terms of marketing, commercial raw food (at most pet stores) is usually certified “complete and balanced” by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Homemade Food for your dog and cat is a great option. It does require time and there is a bit of education and effort involved. You can find many home pet food recipe videos and more here.

There are many other pet food choices such as Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, Wet and Dry and more. We just feel that once you break away from legitimate raw food or homemade (with the proper ingredients) you are venturing into the world of commercially processed dog and cat foods that requires more diligence, study and validation. Study them for pet food recalls, study them for their ingredients, country of origin (where the actual ingredient comes from – ie. China, etc) and so much more. But always consider, if processing includes HEAT and high temperatures, it is often that heat that renders the good stuff (ie. healthy omegas, nutrients, etc) out of it.

A Note About Kibble

Most kibble is “extruded”. Extrusion is a process where ingredients are combined and cooked through heat and pressure, forced through a die that shapes it, dried with heat, and then a flavoring ingredient is sprayed on the kibble. Most pet food manufacturers do not disclose exactly what their flavoring ingredient is (they are not legally required to do so). Once again, if processing includes heat and high temperatures, it is often heat that renders the good stuff (ie. healthy omegas, nutrients, etc) out of it. Learn more about our Natural Pet Supplements.

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