Happy Dog Mothers Day Dog Moms from Kos Tonics 2021

In Honor of Dog Moms on Mothers Day


In Honor of Dog Moms on Mothers Day. Moms want nothing more than to ensure their kids health and happiness. A  Mom can’t bear to watch her  kids suffer when they are sick! The same holds true for Dog Moms. Dog Moms also know that many dog medicines available on the market are packed with artificial inactive ingredients, allergens and other things that dogs just don’t need in their system. 

Don’t worry, with the help of many experts (Ph.D. Chemists, Veterinary Nutritionists and more) we have taken the matter in our own paws. When we created Kos Tonics, the goal was to develop completely clean supplements that provide similar medicinal relief, naturally, and with ingredients that Moms actually recognize. See our ingredients here.

Dog Moms have told us that based on the costs of all the ingredients needed, or the need to purchase multiple products, not only is Kos Tonics more cost effective, but it also does more. 

“At my local pet store (that I love) I have spent 3 times as much to not have the same results as Kos Tonics. I love my dogs so it’s important to have the proper supplies as needed.”

Sarah H. (Lake Elsinore, CA)

Kos Tonics is a game-changer. The taste is great, the spray bottle is incredibly convenient and easy to use. The dropper just takes a few times to get used to. Both items are simple, safe and organic.

In comparison, you could spend a lot more and wonder if other products are helping. Having peace of mind in an affordable manner makes Kos Tonics a no brainer. If you have not yet seen what it helps with, click here.

Dog Moms, we got you covered! Happy Mothers Day and we wish you all the best!

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