Basic at home preventative care for Dogs and cats

Basic at home preventative care for Dogs


Basic at home preventative care for Dogs. Let’s face it, having a pet comes with a cost, including Veterinarian bills. Here are a few things that we can do at home to help our dogs out just a bit.

Household Safety 

Whether you’re considering bringing a new puppy home or you’ve had a dog for many years, there are a few common precautions to take in order to help keep them healthy and out of harm. Even if well trained, dogs just like to chew things. Some dogs eat things that randomly appear out of thin air (such as food that you may dropped). Some love to play with electrical wires, curtains, socks, children’s toys, and accidentally, even medications. Some will discover toxic things that are very bad for them such as certain plants (i.e daffodils), household cleaners and automotive chemicals. Pretty much anything within reach. So be sure to dog proof every single space within their home environment.

Good Dental Hygiene

Bad breath can be a sign of a number of health issues, from gum disease to problems in other parts of the body. Poor dental hygiene also can cause your dog discomfort. Regular teeth brushing with special formulated toothpaste is a good first step, even a good groomer will offer this service. You definitely want to consult with your Vet on ways to care for your dogs teeth at home.

Healthy Diet 

Yep, here we go again talking about the importance of their diet.

Dogs have health problems just like humans do. And just like us, a proper diet and exercise is important.
Unfortunately, not all pet foods do enough for our pets.

If you feed your dog low cost, low-quality food, you’re likely to pay for it later in their lifetime. We also know that a lot of pet parents feed their pets what they have simply been told is the best ever made stuff! This is where we come in. Assuming that you have already seen our ingredients section, one way to quickly understand the effect our product has on pets is like that of an internal system booster. Its simply because of our product ingredients and formulation. Read more here.

In comparison to human food, we know that junk food is bad for us – it can cause obesity and other health related issues. Pet foods that are junk can have disastrous effects. A better quality diet for your dog can have a multitude of health benefits, including better breath, decreased joint pain, improved immune system and more. Advocates of raw dog foods are convinced that a more natural diet leads to better skin, fur, teeth and behavior, and fewer digestive and joint problems.

Just like humans, pets can utilize supplements for their health too. Read our story on “what are supplements in general“. Click here for that.

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