The Kos Tonics Pet Supplements Story

It all goes back to 2015.

Our family dog was diagnosed with cancer and we were stunned. We were heartbroken. His whole life, we fed him the best food possible, gave him regular exercise, routine trips to the Veterinarian and so much more. If love alone could have kept him alive, he would have been immortal.

The Vets wanted to try various treatments that would have completely disrupted his quality and way of life. Since we already had an understanding of Chemistry (since 2009), we knew that we could help him.

We went to work on this formula and ultimately, he was able stay with us for another year.

We were grateful and very happy to have more time with him.

Since then, we fine tuned the ingredients and formulation to make it even better to be able to help others.

Made for Pets, by Pet Parents

The Kos Tonics Mission

We love all animals and our daily mission is to help them.

As a bonus, we can help connect people through their pets.

We are passionate and also a bit rebellious. We don't follow the trail set forth by the industry standard, we blaze a new path that leads to revolutionary discovery.

Our dog supplements are real, pure, and contain zero artificial chemicals.

We just want to make every day better for our furry friends.


Works for Dogs, Cats and More.
We are the Manufacturer (100% USA Made).
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100% Made in the USA Pet Supplements

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Customer Reviews and Outreach Program

all natural ingredients dog cat pet care products made in the usa

The shipping was very fast! The supplement arrived with clear instructions. I called them and learned so much in one phone call! My dogs are happy and healthy! No wonder the news was talking about you!

Marlene W. (French Bulldog)

We donate a portion of net profits to Veteran PTSD recovery efforts.

Learn more about the All 1 Team Veteran Support Group


While other companies products did not work for us, with this, my 13 yr old black lab went from limping and barely getting up to a functioning senior that can walk and more. THANK YOU.

Shannon T. (Labrador Retriever)
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